What is discharge voting?

10 - 02 - 2017

The term is used at each annual general assembly. It so happens that the property manager and the commissioner of accounts should be voted "discharge". This

This means that the general assembly – all the present owners including the powers of attorney – decides whether the property manager and the commissioner of accounts receive approval for their work of the past year.

With this approval, both the commissioner and the property manager are exempted from their responsibility for their tasks, in other words everyone is going to "agree" with the fact that the property manager/commissioner of accounts had a correct year with no mistakes. In case it turns out that fraud has been committed, this approval will have no influence. The property manager and/or the commissioner of accounts will stay criminally liable.

When there has been no “approval”, the property manager is not fired automatically. In practice, this is often the case and the property manager will distance himself from his position.