Property manager

What is a property manager?

When the different lots inside a building (apartments, trading rooms, standing rooms, …) belong to different owners, these individual owners are for a part joint proprietor of the common parts of the building, such as the roof, the central entrance hall, the elevator and/or the garden.

In this context, we speak of “shared/joint ownership” and “Homeowner association” (VME).

The property manager (also known as the building manager) is the appointed representative of the homeowner association and represents the association legally. Furthermore, the property manager has different job responsibilities, in accordance with the legal provisions:

  • the annual convening of the general assembly or for decisions that need to be made,
  • to take notes of the decisions of the general assembly,
  • to carry out the decisions made by the general assembly of the joint owners,
  • to take all precautionary measures and set acts of temporary control,
  • to manage the assets of the homeowner association,
  • to represent the joint owners, both in jurisdiction and in managing the common affairs,
  • to transfer diverse legally determined information in case of sale,
  • to communicate the date of the general assembly to the residents of the building who do not have the right to vote.

In addition, the property manager also takes on daily common tasks:

  • to manage the accounts (to prepare a budget, to request provisions, to draft distributions of costs, credit control, …),
  • to monitor and to regularly control the contracts and the common parts,
  • to order all the facilities,
  • to lead the janitor if one is appointed,
  • to apply the rules of procedure,
  • to mediate between the co-proprietor,
  • to manage the common insurance claims.

Our strengths

Choosing Ulvenhout is choosing for:

  •  A correct and thorough execution of our task:

    We resolutely aim for a customer-oriented approach with a no-nonsense style. Naturally, we act in full respect of the legislation that governs our profession. The general assemblies are well prepared, and our property managers provide positive dynamics. We’re proactive when it comes to our attitude and proposals, continuously with a cost-conscious approach.

  • Smooth and personal communication:

    We value direct and positive communication towards our customers. Optimal accessibility – both by phone and by e-mail – and short lines of communication are our advantages. Thanks to our digital leading card you can also report problems online with no trouble, without having to use the phone.

  • A passionate team of professionals:

    The best property manager presents himself in the best employees. Our property managers and administrative forces bubble with energy and take it one step further for our customers. Our team consists of different profiles: engineers, financial profiles, communication talents etc.

  • A correct fee for delivered work:

    Every residency is different. That is why we will gladly make a suitable estimate for you, based on your wishes and needs and your individuality. Our prices are clear and transparent, there is no fine print!